Who Is AshLi Steele?

It’s time to meet the mystery lady …

Who exactly is AshLi Steele? If you’ve landed here, you’re looking for some answers!

AshLi Steele is more than a pretty face – she has the talent, brains and sense of humor to keep any crowd entertained. AshLi is a published model, gracing the covers of Angels Magazine and Vixens Magazine, as well as several other print features in the urban and natural hair industries. She has shot with some of the best photographers nationwide such as MQ Images, Ice Box Studios, JFK and many more. This vixen has also appeared in videos like “Drop Bands On It” (Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, Mally Mall) and has been featured on websites like WizsDailyDose, GGurls and Star Force Hip Hop (affiliated with Def Jam Records, MMG).

When she’s not in front of the lens, AshLi is behind a laptop putting her Bachelors Degree in Web and Graphic Design to work! After all the work is done, AshLi powers on the PS3 and hands out ass whoopins on GTAV and COD. Feel free to add MissShortStax on PS3 and XBOX to get in line.

AshLi is BIG on family, enjoys watching sports as well as comedies, and annoys a lot of people with the songs she makes up and belts out without notice. You will most likely hear her before you see her.

Fun Facts About AshLi

  • Self taught and self proclaimed chef
  • Has a guilty pleasure for pole dancing
  • Is likely to react or respond to a situation or question with an impromptu soulful song (can’t explain it – you just have to witness it)
  • Is allergic to sunlight
  • Thinks nudity should be legal
  • Addicted to traveling
  • Is usually 3 months late on new music
  • Wants to learn to speak Chinese
  • Has piercings & tattoos
  • Can perform an oil change
  • Drives barefoot